I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. With the Fall semester starting, rest assured MACA has been working throughout this summer to get classes ready. It’s no secret that the world has changed quite a bit over the passing months. MACA is dedicated to ensuring we continue its mission of providing students with the skills needed to prepare you for your future.

For Fall, we’ve adapted all previously on-ground courses to be run completely remote, except for 3 courses. This means that the classes will be run through Canvas and other online tools. There will be no on-ground portion of these classes required and you can work on assignments from the comfort and safety of your home.

The 3 courses below do need to have an on-ground portion. They require specific equipment that would be unreasonable for students to purchase or assignments that need to be accomplished together in person. On-ground classes will require safety protocols.

MACA 1065: Black and White Photography
MACA 2210: Studio Photography
MACA 1410: Television/Video Studio Production

As we are getting our classes ready to pursue a smooth start in a few weeks, I encourage you to do the same. Regardless of the method of delivery, you should look around your house to find an area you are able to work. Somewhere with good lighting, distraction-free, and comfortable to work is essential. I would also encourage you to browse through this site MACAatMacomb.com to see some of the explainer videos and check out the updated design for our MACA Brochure

Depending on the class, you will need specific equipment. This may be books, cameras, computers, software, or other items. In the week before the semester starts, August 10, instructors will be working to provide early access to these classes so you can get your material before the class starts.

For students who may need it, the college has a pool of funds that may help those who need it. You can get more information from the SOS (Student Options of Success).

Registration is going to be wrapping up in the coming weeks. If you are interested in adding classes, register soon. There are seats open in the following classes. Even if the courses aren’t required for your current specialty, they may be helpful in adding skills to your knowledge base or working towards a second Associates.

MACA 1010 H1207
MACA 1010 H1211

Introduction to Photography – Learn the basics of working with a digital camera and communicating through a still image. You’ll work through navigating how to best capture an image and what enhancements you can do once you have it to create more impactful imagery.

MACA 1055 H1601
MACA 1055 H1608

Digital Layout: Adobe – Being able to navigate through Adobe InDesign and understand the different ways we can build ads, brochures, magazines, and more is essential to any artist. By the time class ends, you’ll know how to work with images, typefaces, colors, and other key essentials.

MACA 2176 H1601
Painted Illustration – Students work through 4 completely different painting techniques and students create tons of killer portfolio pieces.

MACA 2300 H1604
Advanced Photoshop – Students will take their skills from the Introduction to Photoshop class as a foundation to being able to dive deeper into the software and be able to create illustrations to use as Portfolio pieces.

MACA 2510 H1603
Introduction to 3D – This is the starting point for working in the world of 3D. By the time students complete the course, they’ll understand how to build 3D Models, work with 3D Motion Design, Animation, and Lighting.

MACA 2570 H1601
Advanced After Effects – In this course, students will work with advanced concepts in Motion Design. Building on skills learned in the Introduction to Motion Design course, you’ll work to create professional pieces to gain entry to the field of Motion Design Artist.

I hope you are EXCITED to get back to work and create some awesome art and expand your learning! We are looking forward to working with you in the coming semester. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out below.

Student Options for Success Office
SOS Application

Bill Soule (SouleB@Macomb.edu) – Photographic Technologies
MACA 1010 – Introduction to Photography
MACA 1065 – Black and White Photography
MACA 2110 – Photojournalism
MACA 2210 – Studio Photography
MACA 2310 – Advanced Photographic Technologies

Kris Mellebrand (MellebrandK@Macomb.edu) – Design and Layout
Mary Bush (BushM@Macomb.edu)
MACA 1025 – Design 1
MACA 1055 – Digital Layout: Adobe
MACA 1155 – Design 2
MACA 1340 – Typography
MACA 2050 – Design 3
MACA 2150 – Advanced Digital Layout

Matt Busch (BuschM@Macomb.edu) – Creative Imaging and Illustration
MACA 1040 – Illustration Fundamentals
MACA 1160 – Previsualization
MACA 1070 – Rendering
MACA 1090 – Figure Illustration
MACA 2176 – Painted Illustration
MACA 2180 – Concept Illustration
MACA 2190 – Figure Illustration 2

Shaun Sarcona (SarconaS@Macomb.edu) – 3D Animation
MACA 1200 – Digital Illustration
MACA 1320 – Introduction to Photoshop
MACA 2510 – Introduction to 3D
MACA 2520 – 3D Modeling and Rendering
MACA 2540 – 3D Animation
MACA 2560 – Compositing with After Effects and Nuke

Shawn Sheehan (SheehanS@Macomb.edu) – Motion Design
MACA 1900 – Introduction to Motion Graphics
MACA 2250 – Compositing and 2D Animatics
MACA 2300 – Advanced Photoshop
MACA 2570 – Advanced After Effects

Yoselyn Marquez (MarquezY@Macomb.edu) – Video Production
MACA 1400 – Introduction to Digital Video
MACA 1410 – Television/Video Studio Production
MACA 1420 – Film Production 1
MACA 2400 – Advanced Digital Video

Michael Crumb (CrumbM@Macomb.edu) – Interactive Web Media
MACA 1820 – Design for Web 1
MACA 1840 – Design for Web 2
MACA 2725 – Content for the Web
MACA 2765 – Animation for the Web
MACA 2880 – Design for Web 3