My name is
Jesse Cutts
and this is 
my MACA story.

So, like most people in their last year of Highschool, I had no clue what I wanted to do as a career. I had the option for an independent study, and I chose to do 2D animation. After drawing animation cells frame-by-frame with a pencil and paper, I was able to create a short film. From then, I knew that I wanted to pursue this new-found passion. Sure, I knew art was a direction, but I never knew how I could use to make a living.

Then I found out about the MACA program at Macomb Community College.

Although there wasn’t a 2D Animation option at that time, there was a path to pursue 3D Art and Animation. I decided this was the next best option. To my surprise, I fell in love with 3D. I stuck with the program: taking any 3D class available, and actually loved staying late in those dimly lit labs, just to finish rendering.

I was so passionate about 3D, I told my friend Kevin about it, and he found a passion for 3D, as well. What I didn’t realize was, I had become part of a team that would go on to accomplish so many great things at Macomb and many other adventures thereafter. Kevin and I participated in a 3D competition at Skills USA, along with our fellow classmates at States, then at Nationals. We took home the GOLD!

That will be a day I’ll never forget because that’s also when Ferris State University approached Kevin and I. Ferris has a fantastic 3D program called DAGD (Digital Art and Game Design) which allowed us to further pursue our passion for 3D. After graduation, we both were hired by a company called eyeWyre in Mount Clemens. It was there that we somewhat split ways. As Kevin found a new passion for software development, I still continued on my focus of 3D modeling and animation. After 4 years at eyeWyre, it was time to move on to another opportunity.

I then worked at Nissan Technical Center as a Data Prep Artist. My day-to-day required me to inspect 3D CAD models; making sure rendering would be correct on those models. I realized this wasn’t something I wanted to do for my career. So then I found out about Rightware. I love this company! 

I get to go to Finland. I get to do some rigging and animation work. I get to model out 3D assets. I get to create awesome looking textures. And, I get to be a part of this incredible culture!. 
The people here are some of the smartest people you’ll ever get to know and I’m humbled by their skills-set and tenacity. I’ve learned so much here and I’m looking forward to what I’ll learn next!

My time at Macomb and in the MACA program will never be replaced. The faculty, students, and those dimly lit rooms, all of it has been so important in my life and I will never forget any of it.

This has been such a great journey in my life and if it means it all led here, then I couldn’t be more grateful!

To end this rant, I’ll say this.

I want to thank Macomb Community College for everything, and especially Shaun Sarcona for keeping me focused and on track with the 3D program. He provided me with such a strong foundation, that I was able to take on all career challenges that came my way.

To anyone interested in this career path, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not pursuing the MACA program.

-Jesse D Cutts