MACA 2190 Figure Illustration 2

While in this course, students will take the knowledge from previous illustration courses and expand on it. Students will learn to draw the fully-clothed figure, while also strengthening their knowledge of the underlying bones and muscles. The class will demonstrate the differences in conveying weight, balance, angle, proportions, and other aspects of communicating form. Students […]

MACA 2176 Painted Illustration

This course focuses on solving advanced problems in full color using acrylic paint to produce portfolio samples. Students use a variety of media and mixed media on different surfaces. Students will work on a variety of projects to visualize architecture, characters, vehicles, props, and product renderings, and illustrative compositions for advertising and animation markets. Students […]

MACA 1090 Figure Illustration

In Figure Illustration, you’ll learn to draw the human form from life, photographs, and imagination using a variety of techniques and media. Being able to capture the gesture and form of a body and replicate that accurately will not only improve your illustration skills, but will improve your animation, sculpting, modeling, rendering, and all other […]